"With unrivaled passion and incomparable style, Ruben V is the consummate entertainer. He plays every show as if it were his last and never holds back. catch him live." - Luna Music Bar & Lounge, San Antonio, Texas.


"Ruben V - The heart and soul and sound of San Antonio" - Alex Ruiz, lead singer for Night Mothers.


"If you are wondering what 6th Street Blues/Rock was like back in t he day when Steamboat was the go to venue, with blistering guitar solos and crowd pleasing intensity, Ruben V delivers.  To quote my friend Brian Mitchell, "You won't find this in New York City."  Ruben V is the real deal!" - Scott Ward, Owner of Strange Brew, Lounge Side, Austin, Texas.

"Ruben V has an incredible energy and feel, pulling licks out of his guitar and voice like sparks flying from a fire... with awesome guitar playing and heartfelt lyrics, he creates music and sound that pulls one right into his soul, and thats a really cool and beautiful place to be."

- Jimmy Spacek


"Most people think of Ruben V as a soul-wrenching blues player, which he is, buy they often forget how powerful his voice is as well." - Rick Del Castillo, guitarist for Del Castillo.


"Ruben V is badass guitarist, singer, with great songs, great stage presence, and a hell of a nice cat to top it off." - Ernie Durawa- Texas Tornados


"One hell of a guitar player...One hell of a good show...One hell of a good time!" - Maclavio Perez, Gibson Guitars


"More fun than a backyard barbecue with a 12 foot pit!" - Ray Harmon, Harmon's Barbecue


"Ruben's unique soulful mix of Latin, Blues & Rock puts him in a class all by himself." - Patricia Vonne


"Ruben V is a triple Amenaza! An American Latin-Rock performer with blistering guitar chops, catchy tunes and captivating stage presence. Get to one his shows soon!" - Lane Gosnay, The Bugle Boy, La Grange, Texas

"Ruben V carries on the proud Texas guitar style of attacking his guitar with Style, Taste and Fire!" - Van Wilks

"The cool thing is that any given point in his music, you can find a piece of yourself. In the midst of poetic riffs an emotion comes over you and you're re-living a tiny part of your past or present. Ruben can definitely tell a story through his guitar." - Guitar Tech and Master - ISH

"Ruben V is the keeper of the flame of the San Antonio vibe" - Joe King Carrasco

"Ruben is a badass in the fine Texas tradition, channeling blues,R&B, and Latin influences into his soulful singing and playing. Great stuff!" - David Grissom

"Ruben V may have been born, but San Antonio has laid claim to him since he first set foot on the music scene here more than 20 years ago.  Every time he gets on stage, he gives 100%.  No show is ever the same, and every time he performs, he brings a boundless energy and rue joy that's evident in his music.  It's no wonder he has such a loyal legion of fans.  Ruben V is the real thing.  You can find him opening for such stellar musicians as B.B. King, Buddy Guy or Los Lonely Boys one night, or being the first one to step up and help with a benefit the next.  Ruben V is one of the hardest working bluesmen in San Antonio and he has earned every faithful fan he has.   We are proud to have him as a Member Artist." - The San Antonio Blues Society